24 मार्च, 2009

बचत लैंप योजना

lighting energy efficiency programme in MPPKVVCL under the “Bachat Lamp Yojna” of
Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, and Government of India.
The Discom East, as a part of the Demand Side Efficiency initiative, intends to
implement the energy efficiency programme for promotion of energy efficiency in
lighting system of the residential household consumers in its area based on the
parameters laid down by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt. of India under “Bachat
Lamp Yojna” (BLY).
BLY seeks replacement of the incandescent bulbs with energy efficient CFLs
at nominal prices as prescribed by the BEE, Ministry of Power. The project shall be
developed as a CDM project as per the UNFCC guidelines and the Program of
Activities designed by BEE in India. The balance cost of the CFLs shall be recovered
from the CER revenues to be generated from the project and Discom shall not bear
any financial liability for the same.
Discom shall provide the database of the entire residential house holds (about
18 Lakhs) consumers in 20 districts of proposed project area under the scheme. It
shall also provide all other information as may be required for development of the
project as per UNFCCC guidelines and the Bachat Lamp Yojana provisions
The proposal for participation is sought from the BEE empanelled parties for
developing this CDM project as per the approved methodology of the UNFCCC &
shall address the complete project activity. It shall include the following:
 Project implementation strategy.
 Time schedule for implementing the project.
 Technical specification of CFLs.
 Percentage of carbon credits sharing with Discom.
 Details of past experience in the field of CDM or of such project
activity, if any.
Prospective CDM project developers empanelled by BEE shall have the
following activities to be undertaken under the project,
 Shall develop the project development of CDM programme
activity design documents,
 Obtain approval from National CDM Authority,
 Supply CFL at the price allowed in the Yojna,
 Complete formalities required for obtaining CERs such as
registration and validation,
 Collect fused CFLs through buy-back scheme and arrange for
their safe disposal,
 Free replacement of CFL during the life of project and safe
keeping of replaced ICB for independent inspection, as per the
guidelines of the BLY of BEE.
The project participants – MPPKVVCL, Project Developer & BEE – shall
have a clear role defined for each of them as per the tripartite agreement to be signed
among these parties. The Discom East will not bear any financial burden for the
development of the project activity and the complete project costs shall be borne by
the project developer only.

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