08 अक्तूबर, 2007

बिजली चोरी _ बिन्दु रूप विवरण

Theft of power ; vigilance & legal aspects
Adll. S.E.Vigilance, M.P.P.K.V.V.Co.,
Importantance of electricity.
Effects of electric theft in national development.
Home work to find out the suspected connections.
Study of MRI,
Study of meter diaries,
Information gathered from electrical contractors & fitters,
Information gathered from call centers,
Night patrolling to find out the highlighted consumers,
Study of pattern of consumption of similar agriculture, rural, urban, industrial consumers,
Inspection of service lines.etc.

Various types of theft
Use of magnets,
Partial theft
Bypassing the meter,
Making meter slow,
Direct theft etc.
Innocent theft (defective meters).

Checking of connection & meter.
Inspection of service line , load
Spot checking of meter by heater load,
Taking load by tong tester, Inspection of meter seals with the help of lance.
Inspection of meter joints by mirror.
How to prepare the Panchnama?
Recording the maximum information provided by consumer,
Recording the consumption pattern,
Details of capacitor , motor ,load etc.,
Taking the signature of the consumer and witnesses.
Other spot activities.
Preparing the spot map,
Ceasing the equipments being used for theft,
Taking the photographs and video shooting,
Taking out the meter for testing if found slow.
Testing of meter at meter testing lab.
Detailed Testing of meter at meter testing lab in presence of the consumer or his representative,
Taking photographs & the video recording of the testing process as witness
Collecting the meter testing report duly signed by consumer.
Provisional bill
Collecting the billing history of the consumer from D.C.
Issuing of the provisional bill according to the MPERC directives and I.E. Act-2003 as per current tariffs.
Assessed units = load*days*hours*factor
Compounding fee as per rule.
Change of purpose & change of premises is treated as theft.
I.E. Act-2003 - Sec 135 theft
I.E. Act-2003 - Sec 126 malpractice

Hearing the consumer and issuing final bill.
Consumer has the right to protest the provisional bill,
The assessing officer will consider consumer’s view as per law & issue the final bill,
If the revised bill is lesser than previous bill then approval is to be taken from controlling authority before issuing the final bill.
Information of payment & Preparation of Parivad Patra.
Collection of information of payment of the bill from D/C.
Preparation of Parivad Patra with all evidences & submission to nodal officer to launch the court case so that we win the case in court of law if payment have not been deposited by consumer in due time.
Daily telephonic report should be given to head office.
Monthly Returns, thefts of more than 10 HP, cases of bill amounting more than Rs. 50,000/-.should be reported ,so that they can be high lighted in news papers & can be considered for awards.
High sprit of the flying squad is must.
Unity amongst the team members, good attitude & high sprit of the flying squad is must since the flying squad act against the culprits every member of the team is keenly observed by public even a small negative point can be highlighted against the squad.
Government is taking theft of electricity with great concern. Legal formation of special courts for electricity thefts, Pre paid metering, spot metering, HVDS distribution system, and franchise etc. are few of the measures being adopted . In overall interest innovative actions are required.

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