30 नवंबर, 2011

LED Summit 2011

The LED Summit 2011 is an exclusive conference for the LED industry stake holders & end users. It is an endeavour to emphasise & enlighten on the usage of LEDs in various areas & bring forth its energy efficiency, products & technology to end users. In addition to addressing technical issues, standards & standardization.

The summit will include specialised sessions spread over two days by prominent industry players to help maximize your exposure to the entire Industry. It is the definitive platform that brings together the manufacturers, importers, distributors, end users, etc with a focus to discuss, manage and chart the future of this very powerful & growing industry.

As per industry reports, LED Lighting market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 41.5% till 2015.Outdoor applications represent the biggest end user segment for LED Lighting. Thus, LED is emerging as the new avatar of the lighting industry & the clean green energy source which is sure to grow by leaps & bounds. All industry stalwarts, market leaders are going to present strategies for tapping & unleashing the power of LEDs.

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