03 दिसंबर, 2016

it is our natural right to know the results immediate after counting of Votes

Dear  Friends
I was motivated by friends to contest election of national council member of Institution of Engineers  so that I get a proper platform to act for betterment of the Institution and Engineers . I was in your touch during electoral process ,you all liked my views as per  the feedback I got . 17th November was the day declared for counting of Votes . Surprisingly since then , even after contacting concerns result was not informed .I have come to know from  few fellow contestants that my name is not in winning list .
Friends you Voted in election , I contested election so it is our natural right to know the results immediate after  counting of Votes . Not declaration of results misleads to intentions . Electoral process needs reforms and transparency.
Please drop a mail to chairman Board of scrutiny Er Berry  hcsberry@rediffmail.com and sdg@ieindia.in with a copy to me  to inform the election results .

Friends, I am committed to act for welfare of engineers community and  for betterment of Institution as a Fellow member , Please remain in touch and always feel free to contact me in this regard .

Er Vivek  Ranjan Shrivastava

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